Hindu-Buddhist Temple Above Kathmandu

Trishaw Driver Waiting for a Fare in Kathmandu

Bicycle Repair Shop in Kathmandu

One of Many Markets on the Streets of Kathmandu 

Himalayan Vista in Annapurna Range

One of the Villages on Annapurna Trek

Kathmandu Driver

Bargain AMAP in the Nepali Capital (or you may be paying "tourist prices")

Ancient Kathmandu Side Streets Tend Towards Being Narrow 

The Market I Used As A Landmark So I Could Find My Guesthouse Again

A Kathmandu Street - All photos were taken before the 2015 earthquake

Cotton Candy Seller Taking Lunch at Monkey Temple (Kathmandu)

A Third Eye Promises Perception Beyond Ordinary Sight


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  2. You're right. I used to use a monopod once in a while, but it's not as good as a tripod can do.

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